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. new video may be a clue to a missing woman and the other efforts today by had her family. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. this midday family and friends continue to search for are an oakland woman. the woman was last seen walking
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on 34th and telegraph last week and now this new clue may help them. we're live at that corner in oakland. there's been no sign of her since then. >> reporter: you're right. good afternoon to you. she was known to go on walks or runs in the neighborhood. last thursday was no different except for the fact she has not been seen since. family and friends hope that posters like this and surveillance video can offer clues to her disappearance. this is perhaps the last time 31 yeed erika mascalaras was seen. she walked around 34th at telegraph about 8:00 a.m. last thursday. everything in the video seems fine. her nephew hopes the video proves she's alive and well. >> i'm worried sick about her. this is ridiculous. >> one of the bakery owners says she was a regular and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. >> extremely worried. wondering how we can better weep our community safe and employees, customers and the
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general public. >> erika is a widow. her husband died sometime recently. family members say she was just getting her life back to order. that included walks and runs around the neighborhood, sometimes with a friend, other times by herself. >> she was really excited about the trip. she really wanted to go. she was happy about seeing me brother. she's packing her bags and getting ready to go. she never showed up. >> she showed no sadness. she showed no sorrow or anything. i think maybe, maybe somebody took her. i'm not sure what it is. i'm not sure. >> lord, we need you. >> family members and friends gathered over the weekend to pray that erika returns safely. she is described at 5'3," 220 pounds, last wearing gray sweater and gray sweat pants and red shoes. family members say she had her i.d., bank card and cell phone. it's unclear whether investigators have used those to help find her. this is 34th and telegraph. this is the last area where
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erika was last seen. her mother visited the oakland police department to hand over the surveillance video and gain spore for her search. we have calls into the oakland police department but have not heard back. back to you. . >> thank you. in san jose police are investigating the city's ninth deadly shooting of the year. a man was found fatally shot in the area of murtha drive and capitol avenue. alex savage is live. >> reporter: good afternoon. many on this block heard a loud fight just a couple hours before this man was found dead right here on the sidewalk. police do think that early morning disturbance may be related to this deadly shooting. a neighbor leaving for work made the discovery around 4:25 a.m. this morning. she spotted someone lying in the street. when police got here are to the 2700 block of murtha drive,
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they found a hispanic man in his 30s who had been shot in the chest. the people across the street heard what sounded like gunfire. >> it's really sad to see how violence has just come up to -- i've lived in san jose since i was 14. >> a police lieutenant told us the victim lived in this neighborhood but it's unclear why he was targeted. neighbors did report a fight in the area around 2:00 this morning and police think there is a connection to the killing. >> based on what earlier are reports we believe there was an argument about 2:00 in the morning and now we find a body in the same area. we believe that everything happened here. >> police are not saying if this shooting involved gangs but many people say that is an issue in this neighborhood. >> we can't walk around because with we can't take a walk. it's awful. >> this homicide was san jose's ninth of the year so far. it happened just a block over from an elementary school. we watched this morning as kids
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had to walk through this crime scene to get to class. san jose police spent much of the morning knocking on doors trying to find witnesses to this shooting. in many cases neighbors told me they didn't wake up until long after their street had been turned into a crime scene. so far san jose police have not released a description on the shooter they're searching for in this case. back to you. >> thank you. daly city police have charged a man in connection with a car crash on saturday night that killed three people. police arrested 28-year-old dennis macedo on suspicion of three counts of homicide. he was found uninjured near the crash site on east moore avenue. investigators say his car broadsided the victims' car. three people inside were pronounced dead at the scene asm fourth was critically injured. highway 92 between the peninsula and the san mateo county coast side is back open.
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it was shut down for about two hours this morning due to a head on crash. the crash happened just after 6:00 a.m. near pastorino farms. the highway patrol says the driver of a with westbound volkswagen jetta crossed a double yellow line to pass a big rig. he apparently did not see an on coming dodge ram pickup truck and crashed into it head on. the jetta driver who was in his 20s was killed. the driver of the pickup suffered non-life threatening injuries. starting today many workers in one south bay city will see a hefty minimum wage increase. we're live in san jose to explain with what this means to those workers. >> reporter: good afternoon. a press conference about that new minimum wage wrapped up about an hour and a half ago. it means that workers who had made $8 an hour last week a are now making $10 an hour. workers say it will make a big difference in their lives. >> i used to have to scrounge
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for gas. now it's like, i have enough to help my dad out. he does not have to work two jobs anymore. >> reporter: the raise goes into effect today. this comes on the heels of measure d which passed in november. it's the largest increase in minimum wage in the nation. it means more money flowing in the local economy and will help lower wage earners who work in the area that has a very, very high cost of living. the low wage workers in silicon valley have really been hurting for the reason that you gave that cost of living is so high here. you may see stickers in store windows popping up reading earn. supporters say that's a way of letting customers know about employers who support higher wages. that pay raise goes into effect today. back to you. >> thank you. progress is being made
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along san francisco's waterfront where a new cruise ship terminal is being built. the james r. herman cruise terminal on peer 27 will be able to accommodate megaships that can carry 6,000 passengers. right now the pier is being used for the america's cup and it will be the centerpiece for the yacht races later this year. princess cruises has pledged to base a cruise ship in san francisco which will set sail for alaska, hawaii and mexico. a light earthquake shook the desert southeast of los angeles this morning. the magnitude 4.7 quake hit just before 10:00 a.m. and was centered 23 miles south of palm springs about 64 miles northeast of san diego. this is a look at the u.s. geological survey site that lists earthquakes and shows the seismograph for each event. there were no reports of damage or injuries. japan is marking the second anniversary of its deadly earthquake and massive tsunami. today memorial services were held in tokyo and the
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northeastern coast. it coincided with the exact moment the earthquake hit. the quake was followed by a massive tsunami and you would meltdown of a nuclear power plant. some debris from the quake is still washing up on the west coast of the u.s. and canada. more than 300,000 people are still without homes. the government plans to spend $270 billion to rebuild. an unusual investigation at a bart station, a man was killed apparently after falling off the top of an elevator. rosemary orozco is up next with details on how long the spring-like weather will last. a program where the focus is to help kids see better so they can learn better.
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. the catholic church is one step closer to selecting a new pope. the cardinals will decide pope benedict xvi's successor have wrapped up their prec clive discussions. tomorrow the secret conclave will begin with the cardinals retreating into the sistine chapel. then we'll wait for a sign from the chapel chimney.
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black smoke means no decision. white smoke means a new pope has been chosen. it's expected the decision will be made in two or three days. you can find more information and a slide show of the leading candidates to become the new pope at click on the images tab on the front page. u.s. troops say they killed two afghan men who refused to stop their vehicle as it approached an american military convoy near kabul. afghan officials say the men who were shot were civilians who repaired police cars. they're investigating the incident. the shooting happened around the same time two american troops in afghanistan were killed by a man who opened fire in a police station and was wearing an afghan police uniform. bart police are still trying to identify a man crush areed to death during a horrific accident at the montgomery bart station in san francisco. the man was found dead around 9:30 last night in an elevator
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shaft. the elevator is boarded up today. a man who was inside the elevator told police he heard an awful sound as the elevator went up. >> as it started to move, he heard a crunching noise and heard a cream and the elevator stalled before it reached the concourse level. that's how he was aware somebody was trapped outside of the elevator car. he summoned help. >> police found bedding and personal belongings on top of the elevate on car. they believe the man was homeless and may have been sleeping there. authorities in the south bay are investigating the death of a person whose body was found on the cal train tracks in san jose. someone discovered the body about 9:50 a.m. today. it appeared a train had hit the person but investigators have not said yet if they're sure that's what happened. the body is on the northbound tracks and the next train is not scheduled to go through that area until 2:30 this afternoon. investigation should not delay
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any of its trains. san francisco city leaders are faced with controversy again over advertisements on the side of muni buses. city leaders are gathering today to denounce new ads by the american freedom defensive initiative. we're not showing the ads here. many critics say the ads are islamphobeic and racist. the same issue last august happened when ands referred to arabs and muslims as savages. a san jose congressman is working on new legislation that would affect same sex couples. there are 40,000 same sex couples in the u.s. where at least one partner is not a u.s. citizen. 25% of these couples live in california. right now government will not let citizens sponsor their same sex partner for a green card. san jose congressman mike honda
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hopes to reverse that. california's agriculture industry is dealing with labor shortage as farm workers living in the state get older and fewer workers come in from mexico to replace them. more than 70% offing a cultural producers expect a worker shortage starting this spring. aging farm workers currently in california say their children are not interested in field work and tougher immigration enforcement means fewer new workers coming in from mexico. the see well to learn program brought free eye care to under privileged children in san francisco this morning. the group's eye bus was at a preschool on lombard street. opt tom trysts did preliminary eye screenings and gave children more extensive exams if needed. >> not a lot of people know that eye exam is needed and this is the age a that it will affect their learning ability if they can't see well. >> the group also gives free
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eye exams to preschool children in oakland. oakland firefighters say it appears the house that caught fire in east oakland this morning was unoccupied. crews responded to the home at hunter avenue and hunter court around 8:30. you can see the heavy smoke coming from the single story home. firefighters put out the flames without any injuries. they're still investigating the cause. just down the street on hunter avenue neighbors dealt with a mess of a water main break this morning. it flooded yards and driveways. crews shut off the water there as they worked to repair the break. it will likely be several hours before water service is restored. crews have not said what caused the break. the storm in the sierra last week brought crowds to california ski resort this is weekend. operators at heavenly say they got 26 inches of new snow from the storm and the slopes were packed. the ski season got off to a good start after a powerful storm in
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december. then it was a dry start to the new year. resort operators are hoping for more snow and a business this month. . good afternoon to you. not expecting any snow in the mountains this week, not expecting any rain here at home. we have sunny skies in most cases. we have temperatures on the rise. today a modest warm-up over yesterday afternoon. this is a look across the bay. mostably blue skies, a little patchy fog hugging the coastline. the ridge in place, you can see it with the arch. storm track well to the north. it won't bring us any rain. this ridge of high pressure is going to continue this warm weather. for most of us it will actually feel pretty good. we do have a very version weak breeze. that's allowing enough of an onshore breeze to develop at times and we've got a little coastal fog going on here. you can see the northerly breeze pushing it way from the coast a
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bit. the north bay has cheered over the last hour or two. around half moon bay it's still hugging pretty close. visibility coupe could be tough along the coastline. santa cruz dealing with mostly sunny skies at this point. temperatures away from the coastline warmer than yesterday by a degree or two. 61 in concord right now, mid-60s walnut creek, half moon bay we're socked in with the gray, 53 degrees. 59 in oakland. patchy dense fog in santa rosa. now it's mostly sunny and warming to the low 70s for the afternoon. 73 in sonoma, 73 napa, 70 san rafael, it's a beautiful day. these numbers running well above what we typically get for this time of year. 72 degrees walnut creek. 71 san jose, 69
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sunnyvale. along the peninsula today 69 redwood city, 70 palo alto, mid-60s in san francisco. along the coastline where we're tough to clear there in the spots low 60s in the afternoon. a little cool there. the extended forecast, the warming trend will continue as the afternoon highs burn up the overnight lows do as well. wednesday still looks to be the warmest day. temperatures will peak in the mid- to upper 70s. then into the weekend numbers will begin to drop off. it will still be above average, upper 60s to low 70s, no rain in sight. >> we're getting toward the end of the rainy season. we could get some rain. >> definitely could get some rain. we're missing out on two, three, four storms. >> thank you. a volcano in ecuador is shooting lava and ash into the
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air. it has been shooting ash a mile into the sky since saturday. access to the volcano has been restricted to keep visitors safe. it's more than 16,000 feet high and 80 miles south of the capital city. skateboarders will soon get to use a vacant lot under san francisco's central freeway south of market be. city agencies will likely sign a 20-year contract with caltrans to rent the vacant lot. the city will pay caltrans $10,000 a month to lease the skate and dog park site. construction of the park will take about a year. san francisco city college is nearing a key deadline in its fight to keep its accreditation. college officials have until friday to address all the recommendations made by a commission that identified 14 deficiencies in city college's management. a final decision from the commission is expected in june. if the school does lose its accreditation, it could be forced to close.
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we'll tell you why a lot of people will be looking up at the nighttime sky this week. a bad beginning this morning for some airline passengers. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth
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. wall street back to inching higher, briefly lifted the s&p to its highest draw day level since october 2007. buyers basically moving in after earlier weakness this morning.
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the dow continuing last week's rally back up to another record high of 33 right now at 14bgs 430 and the nasdaq is also back up slightly after being down earlier in the day. it's up 6. s&p is up 4 at 1555. contractors for america's cup yacht are race owe almost  $460,000 in back pay to workers. last minute negotiations over the america's cup world series may be to blame. the final list of jobs that require contractors to pay a prevailing wage was not decided until after the 2012 world series events were held. that means some workers who should have been paid $64 an houren paid only $9 an hour. no one of hurt when a tella connection flight went off the runway in houston, texas. the flight was taking off for lane when the pilot got stuck in the grass at houston hobby
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airport. 70 passengers were on board. they were put on other flights. keep your eyes peeled this week for a rare comet show that will light up the sky just after sunset. the pan starrs come set one of two comets that should be visible this year. you don't to have stay up all night to see it. the best time to see it will be 30 minutes after sunset which starts at 7:10 p.m. now with the time change. bring binoculars and get to a place with a horizon view of the ocean. the san francisco giants world series trophy tour is taking a victory lap in the bay area this week. trophies from the giants 2010 and 2012 titles will pass through south san francisco and san bruno today. later this week they'll move to hayward, walnut creek and east palo alto. they'll object display between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon at the joseph fernicas building in south san francisco and between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight at the veterans memorial recreation
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center in san bruno. this afternoon the oakland zoo will introduce three mirkat pups. they're almost six weeks old. the lit certificate first successful one among them in more than a year. that's because the pups are very fragile and it's common for members of the mirkat mob to kill the pups. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and at 5:00. we're always online at and mobile

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